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Backstage Live with Comedian Craig Shoemaker – Part 1

I had the pleasure of meeting with my friend and colleague Craig Shoemaker when he was in town last month. He invited me to hang out with him backstage with a friend of mine before the show started and I decided to record an impromptu video interview using  a basic Ipad. First time using this device, little did I think to check for the bandwidth available for storage before starting. About 10 minutes into the “interview” I realized the recording had stopped!

We gained great material from Craig for the first 6 minutes or so but the fabulous interview session we had that followed his “monologue” never was recorded – bummer – to say the least!

To make up for this faux pas, look out for an in-depth video interview with Craig that will be coming soon on Talk To Tara. Enjoy the short!

To watch Craig, click the link below:

“Philadelphia Accent” & “Fenway Park-Cardboard” Part 1


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