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The wolves change the rivers…

This video helps to illustrate that this magnificent earth of ours and all living creatures great and small, are all connected and we are all dependent on each other in one form or another. Click the link below to view: God is Love


No-Bake Energy Bites Recipe

By Ali Ebright Gimme Some Oven, February 5, 2014 Straight to the Source  For Related Articles and More Information, Please Visit OCA’s Organic Transitions Page. Last month I hopped out to Breckenridge for a weekend to go skiing and catch up with my good friend Courtney.

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War on Integrative Medicine, Part One: Eliminate the Integrative Doctors

    The basic idea is to preserve the conventional medicine monopoly by all means possible, including the use of state medical boards and physician credentialing groups. There’s a close-knit confederacy of three powerful conventional medical organizations in the United States. These groups work closely together

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