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Just say No to GMO’s


‘Spinning Science and Silencing Scientists’ on the Dangers of Glyphosate

What happens when Monsanto doesn’t like what the World Health Organization (WHO) has to say about its flagship product, Roundup weedkiller? The chemical company convinces U.S. lawmakers to hold a “smoke and mirrors” Congressional hearing, under the guise of “defending scientific integrity,” but really to

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How Monsanto Captured the EPA (and Twisted Science) to Keep Glyphosate on the Market

November 1, 2017 Since 1973, Monsanto has cited dubious science, like tests on the uteri of male mice, and the EPA has let much of it slide.   In April 2014, a small grassroots group called Moms Across America announced that it had tested 10

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EWG VERIFIED™: A new standard for your health

                                            EWG VERIFIED™: A new standard for your health. EWG VERIFIED™ is taking EWG’s Skin Deep® ratings one step further — to help move

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Does the Biotech Industry Control What We Know About GMOs?

The world of genetically modified food is rife with miscommunication – it seems that no matter how well-informed we try to be about the safety of GMOs, there’s always someone pointing us in a different direction. And this, unfortunately, is no accident. Some of the confusion surrounding GMO

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Demand Hillary Dump Monsanto’s Lobbyists Now!

In 2014, Hillary Clinton received a $335,000 “speaking fee” for giving the keynote address to one of Monsanto’s main GMO lobbying front groups, Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), to help the industry address consumer fears over GMOs. This is an outrage and we think she should give

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The major difference between organic and non-organic foods shows up in your pee

For the twenty-something consumer, the word ‘organic,’ triggers an internal struggle between a desire for healthy living and skepticism of food trends. While peer-reviewed studies can tell you what compounds you can avoid by going organic, they might not explain what the bottom line is

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Welcome to the BOUGHT online screening!

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline plead guilty and agreed to pay a $3 billion fine for illegal marketing and withholding information about health hazards associated with several of its drugs, including Avandia and Paxil. This was the largest fine ever paid by a

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Labels 101: Non-GMO Project Verified & Organic – What’s the Difference?

By Anna Meyer • February 2, 2015 With the failure of the Federal Government to pass any legislation mandating the labeling of GMOs, and the uphill battle states are fighting to establish a right to know, consumers are looking for alternative options that allow them

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Seedy Business – Care about your health? This is a must-read.

What is Big Food hiding from you, with its slick public relations campaign? Plenty, according to a new tell-all report by the nonprofit U.S. Right to Know. The report, titled “Seedy Business: What Big Food Is Hiding with its Slick PR Campaign on GMOs,” details

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Nine Dirty Little Secrets About GMOs

This blog is part of a series that explores the themes and issues raised in Farmed and Dangerous, a 4-part satirical web series exploring issues related to the food system and industrial agriculture. If you’re interested in joining the conversation, please contact us at Transparency is

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