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‘Spinning Science and Silencing Scientists’ on the Dangers of Glyphosate

What happens when Monsanto doesn’t like what the World Health Organization (WHO) has to say about its flagship product, Roundup weedkiller? The chemical company convinces U.S. lawmakers to hold a “smoke and mirrors” Congressional hearing, under the guise of “defending scientific integrity,” but really to

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Scientists Have Proven That Negativity Literally Makes Cancer Grow Inside The Body

  Scientists Have Proven That Negativity Literally Makes Cancer Grow Inside The Body You surely experience negative emotions from time to time, but when you learn about their impact on our health, you will definitely try to find a way to combat them. Apparently, whenever

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How Monsanto Captured the EPA (and Twisted Science) to Keep Glyphosate on the Market

November 1, 2017 Since 1973, Monsanto has cited dubious science, like tests on the uteri of male mice, and the EPA has let much of it slide.   In April 2014, a small grassroots group called Moms Across America announced that it had tested 10

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EWG VERIFIED™: A new standard for your health

                                            EWG VERIFIED™: A new standard for your health. EWG VERIFIED™ is taking EWG’s Skin Deep® ratings one step further — to help move

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Does the Biotech Industry Control What We Know About GMOs?

The world of genetically modified food is rife with miscommunication – it seems that no matter how well-informed we try to be about the safety of GMOs, there’s always someone pointing us in a different direction. And this, unfortunately, is no accident. Some of the confusion surrounding GMO

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Terry Jastrow and Anne Archer – “The Trial of Prisoner 043” Coming to a city near You!

Terry Jastrow will be joined in conversation by Anne Archer Wednesday August 16th at 7:00 pm – Barnes& Noble, New York, NY Saturday August 19th at 7:00 pm – Barnes & Noble, McLean, VA Monday August 21st at 5:00 pm – Barnes & Noble @Georgetown University, WA, DC Wednesday August

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Why Solar Power Is Good for Birds

Solar energy is a boon for the environment, but some methods can be harmful to birds and other wildlife. Here’s how to go solar safely. If you install solar panels on your roof, don’t expect your birds to show any appreciation. At best, they’ll bless

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Ireland votes in favour of law to become world’s first country to fully divest from fossil fuels

Bill seeks to drop coal, oil and gas investments from Ireland Strategic Investment Fund Ireland has voted to be the world’s first country to fully divest public money from fossil fuels. The Irish Parliament passed the historic legislation in a 90 to 53 vote in

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Big Pharma’s Dirty Little Secret: Do Bleeding Calves, Narcolepsy and Infertility Have the Same Mechanism for Vaccine Injury?

Published by the National Vaccine Information Center                                                                             

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The wolves change the rivers…

This video helps to illustrate that this magnificent earth of ours and all living creatures great and small, are all connected and we are all dependent on each other in one form or another. Click the link below to view: God is Love