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Tara Talks Back

Your interviews are evocative. What is your creative process in crafting an interview? In maintaining the flow?
“I love the creative process in all of it’s varied forms. I’ve always been drawn to people involved in the world of art and entertainment and to the real-life events and people that make up our everyday world. How did they get started, what motivates them, what are their desires and goals?” Tara delves into the psyche and the minds of the personalities that help shape our realities.

Who is Tara the person?
I am healthy and athletic, I love animals, nature, travel, humor, good company, intelligent conversation, my family, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to speak with so many brilliant individuals on a consistent basis. My life is a “school of growth” practically every day. I believe in giving back to society and contributing to the world on whatever level I am able and some of those ways is I contribute to guardian charities that are actively looking out for our health, our planet and our beautiful, wild animals and their habitat. They include Earth Justice, The National Wildlife Federation and The Organic Consumers Society.

Where do you see your interviews in a downloadable world?
Talk To Tara to me equals diversity and choice–offering excellent content for the thinking demographic, a niche in the Internet market that is attracting millions of eager minds, looking for intelligent content that can be accessed and played back in the convenience of their home computer, or a portable audio/video player. Anytime, anywhere–the beauty of the download!

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