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Profiles on Talk To Tara

Profiles is an Internet Radio and Television Talk Show featuring in-depth audio and video interviews with best-selling authors, celebrities, media personalities, and relevant names in the news. The interviews are presented in an intelligent forum and are designed to be informative as well as entertaining. Tara goes beyond chat and focuses on the core interest of her guest, allowing them to speak freely on the matters that concern them and providing her audience with an experience they can learn from. Each interview is between 15 and 45 minutes in length.

“I’ve produced and developed Profiles on Talk To Tara with an emphasis on “Intelligent Talk for Intelligent People,” says Tara.

Profiles the show was originally created by Tara while she was working with Oregon Public Broadcasting in 1993. It is Tara’s intent to contribute to the global community in a positive and meaningful way while providing a learning experience for her audience and herself. Since relocating to Seattle, Tara’s show Profiles was broadcast simultaneously on WTBBL’s Evergreen Radio for four years, and continues to be aired on her Internet radio website,, on Television at SccTV and audio compilations may be found at Tara has built a very loyal following for her show, which includes a world-wide audience. With more people gaining access to the Internet every day, Tara’s audience continues to grow by leaps and bounds!