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About Tara

Listen to In-Depth Interviews as Best-Selling Authors and Celebrities…Talk to Tara

If you like intelligent talk with intelligent people then this is the place to be and the place to enjoy listening to Tara interview a fascinating array of luminaries in their respective social, business, health, science, self-empowerment, spiritual, and entertainment fields. There’s something in here for everyone and Tara is confident that you will find all of the interviews quite interesting.

A creative personality who has traveled the world working in television, radio and print media, Tara brings an interview style that’s genuine, engaging, cultured and clever.

Originally from the Deep South, Tara grew up in Northern California’s Bay Area. After living in Europe for 5 years, she returned to the North West region of the US, where Tara’s Southern heritage mixed with the diversity and culture of the West Coast, along with a bit of European influence thrown in, helped to develop Tara’s down-to-earth yet sophisticated instinct and style for professional broadcasting. She has a knack for picking the intriguing interviewees, even before the main stream media discovers them. Tara appreciates the value in talking with the well-known personality, as well as the first time author or “not yet famous” celebrity.